An Interview With... Promise Kenedy

In a new series of interviews, we feature Milliken associates, learning about their time at Milliken,
and more about them individually. The first of these interviews feature Promise from our Customer Service team!

Milliken Associate: Promise Kenedy (Yes, Promise is really my name!)

Time at Milliken: Seven and a half wonderful months!

Role: My role is Customer Service Associate on the Carpets Team. I help with the UK (Louise Silk and Helen Corbin) & German Market (Frank Rune) and some FCA Accounts (Rachel Hankin). Hopefully, I will be able to jump on some international accounts soon!

Who I work with in Europe: I work with Frank Rune and Rachel Hankin and help with their orders when those come through. It has been interesting to see how different regions deal with their orders and it’s been great to gain more of an insight into different freight solutions, especially with Brexit.

What I like about Milliken: Everyone on my team, as well as people from other departments (Shipping, Planning, Credit & Sales), have been really accommodating, supportive and helpful. It has been great to see and experience what a healthy work environment feels like. A bit of stress and pressure is definitely part of the role, but I have never felt like I wasn’t able to reach out to someone to find a solution. I do hope to learn more about other departments, as I settle into my role and the company more.

Philosophy: Manna does not fall from Heaven – If you want something, you need to work (hard) for it. And if it doesn’t work out, after you have tried your best, it simply wasn’t meant to be. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re able to take something valuable way from the situation. I was born to enjoy life, especially with my loved ones!

Outside of work: I have some hobbies and things I like to do in my spare time.
I spend a lot of time with my family. I lived abroad when the COVID-19 Pandemic started and I really felt lonely sometimes, so I really value being able to spend quality time with my brothers and parents. However, I do try to travel when I can. My best friends are currently spread around the continent, so I like visiting them in Cambridge (UK) or Lucerne (Switzerland) or we try to travel to new destinations together.

I love baking, cooking, and trying new food from a whole host of different cuisines. Being Nigerian and German, I was born into a flavourful world already. Currently, I am hooked on Korean and Filipino cuisine!

I also enjoy lifting (at the gym), knitting, DIY (around the house, beauty, etc.), gaming (board games & PS5), reading and learning languages (currently working on Python).

Promise K