Elevating the Workplace Beyond Grey

Karen Haller FRSA is a leading international authority in the field of behavioural colour & design psychology. Karen specialises in Human-Centred Design and how our relationship with colour, design and nature affects and influences us, as well as how businesses and designers can use it to influence positive behaviour and well-being. She is the author of ‘The Little Book of Colour, How to Use the Power of Colour to Transform Your Life.’

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A View on Colour: Tracing Landscapes Spring 2024

Spring 2024 sees the launch of a fresh new palette of colours for one of Milliken’s most popular carpet design collections – Tracing Landscapes. Taking its inspiration from the colours and textures of the natural environment, the collection has become a firm favourite for many Scandinavian workspaces. In this Blog, we are delighted to share a review on the re-energised colour range from Milliken’s Norwegian agent partner Milliken’s Norwegian partner: PG (ProsjektGulv AS) pg.noincluding their 3 top colours from the collection. 

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A Conversation on Colour with Laura Perryman

We talk to colour expert Laura Perryman about Milliken’s new Tracing Landscapes collection.

Laura is a colour designer and forecaster with over 18 years of experience in CMF design across multiple industries. The author of The Colour Bible, Laura is interested in material and sensorial experiences of colour.

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