The Backing Range Story

Meet The Maker: Lee Riley 

Job title: Backing Range Team Leader AKA Mr Motivator 

Time at Milliken: 15 years

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The Patterning Story - Part 1

Meet The Maker: Mark Brixton 

Job title: Dye Services Associate aka The Master Mixer

Time at Milliken: 13 months.

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The Patterning Story-Part 2

Meet The Maker: Steve Ainscough 

Job title: Millitron® Design Technician – AKA The Pattern Pro 

Having spent time operating in and leading the print department, Steve now heads up technical support for Milliken’s Millitron patterning technology. 

Time at Milliken: 24 years 

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The Tufting Story

Meet The Maker: Martin Topping

Job title:   Infinity Operator AKA The Top Tufter 

Time at Milliken: 5 and a half years. I’ve just reached the 5 year achievement award, when you get a certificate and vouchers.

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The Warping Story

Meet The Maker: Lucinda Bamford 

Job title:  Warping Operator, aka The Warping Wizard  

Time at Milliken: 4 years

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100 Years of Textile Manufacturing in the UK

In December 2020 Milliken was proud celebrate our 100th year of manufacturing in the UK. The company was first registered in 1920 at the Waterside Mill in Bury in the North West of England, when it became one of the earliest textile manufacturers in the UK. It manufactured cotton shirtings and in later years industrial fabrics.

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