Stay Connected – Q&A with AQINA

Today we are shining the spotlight on AQINA, our partner in Poland, and Marcin spoke with us about working with Milliken, how a strong product portfolio really helps win projects and about some recent exciting projects. 

  • How long have you worked with Milliken?

    Almost 20 years.

  • Can you tell us about your company?

    I set up AQINA in 2010 as a representative of Milliken and Knoll Int. During working together we extended our partnerships, building a strong portfolio of products that allowed us to win complete projects like Google, Citibank, Millennium Bank, BP, PwC, EY, Coca-Cola and many others. We are seven associates in total. And must say that is a magnificent seven!

  • What is your favourite Milliken collection?

    Always the newest. In recent years Milliken has been launching only thrilling products. 

  • The past year has made us change a lot of how we work, did you find any particular challenges and new ways to adapt?

    The biggest challenge was lockdown and the lack of direct contact. There were also lots of frozen projects and decisions that were delayed. However, we developed a series of webinars and digital activities that kept us in touch with our clients and partners. We found and still find them very successful. They allowed us to survive and helped during the subsequent 2021 boom.

  • Is there a recent project you would like to tell us about?

    There were several exciting projects. BP and Millennium Bank both had really long and demanding selection processes. Both started back in 2020. The processes included mock-ups, product testing, surveys among the clients’ employees, product environmental comparisons, and acoustic tests. We are happy to take part in quite a high number of other projects where we are selected thanks to the quality and environmental responsibility of Milliken.