Returning to work post Covid - My personal experience.


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100 days of lock-down, we find ourselves living under the microscope. Our lives have shrunk, and we have had to adapt to a new way of life, tucked away in the safety of our homes. Customer Experience Manager, Mental First Aider and Yoga Professional, Urva Soni who is based full time in our London showroom shares her personal experiences, as she returns to work, in Clerkenwell London.

UrvaReturning to work post Covid was inevitable, and to some extent I thought I was ready to return to the normal work routine, that I had been accustomed to. Whilst it had been lovely working from home, with a 2-minute commute to my makeshift workstation on my dining table, overlooking the garden, I was ready to get out and be back to work, or so I thought!

My first encounter back into the 'real world' was just before Easter when the country was still in lock down. I had to meet a contractor on site, which was ok, as safety measures and strict protocol was maintained throughout the visit. The drive to Clerkenwell was like no other, roads were empty, and the lack of human traffic was like nothing I had experienced, having resided in London all my adult life. A journey that would normally take me an hour or so took 20 minutes. My strangest encounter with the city to-date!


Fast forward two months and I began mentally preparing for my return to work in our Clerkenwell showroom. Ripples of worry, anxiety and fear appeared announced, in my mind. Was I mentally ready for the transition back to a 'normal' routine? What was 'normal' anyway? My expectations were met with a reality that I can only describe as deflating. I was expecting London to be as I know it; busy, vibrant, noisy and full of life. It was the complete opposite! The car park was deserted, the train platforms were deserted, the train was deserted, the journey was carried out in silence and in solitude. I honestly felt very much alone as I made my way through the quiet streets of Clerkenwell, with only the light breeze and the musical notes of birds singing to keep me company.




Once in the showroom, I caught my breath and took a moment to digest how quiet, clean and peaceful London was at that moment in time. It was visually unsettling, yet beautiful and poetic. Time stood still. The pause button had not yet been released and I felt very blessed to have London to myself.

An analysis carried out by Kings College London revealed that there are three different types of people:

  • The Trusting - The law-abiding citizens who are happy to follow government guidelines and stick to the rules.
  • The Dissenting - Those who are constantly worried about health risks and standing at odds with the government. Over worrying and over analysing every minute detail.
  • The Frustrated - Ah yes, people who feel things should progress faster regardless of the consequences. The fearless!

I have certainly felt all three at one point or another. Thoughts and feelings have oscillated from hope to despair, from happy and content to scared and angry. With some inner work and awareness, regular meditation and building a structure to my day, I have managed to find balance and regularity.

Showroom View

As we mark 100 days of the lock-down and a full month in the showroom, at reduced hours, I have noticed a gradual shift as people are tentatively venturing out, other showrooms in the area are opening, trains and buses are getting busier and confidence is returning. There is still a long way to go, but for me, who predominantly works in a customer facing role at the London showroom, I can't wait to welcome more visitors. I am in no rush for life in London to return to the overbearing hectic pace as we all know it to be, I am looking forward to welcoming the 'new normal', as I truly believe it will be far better than what was before.

We look forward to welcoming you to our London showroom, which is now open by appointment only.

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