The Tufting Story

The Tufting Story banner with Martin working

Meet The Maker: Martin Topping

Job title:   Infinity Operator AKA The Top Tufter 

Time at Milliken: 5 and a half years. I’ve just reached the 5 year achievement award, when you get a certificate and vouchers.

Role: Martin is a highly experienced operator and runs Milliken’s state of the art Infinity Tufting machine. It takes bobbins of nylon yarn and tufts the yarn into non-woven substrates to create the top cloth fabric layer of Milliken’s carpet tiles. Working with a high degree of dexterity, Martin’s dedicated work ensures Milliken produces top grade cloth.

What I like about Milliken: I enjoy operating the machines. You’re learning different things and picking things up all the time. It’s exciting, it’s a good place to work and I do different things every day. We work on shifts, I like the nights when you’re left alone to get on with your work. 

Close up of Martin

100 years of making in the UK: It’s amazing that – 100 years! 

Passions: Playing football with my mates and watching football on tele. I support Manchester United. I used to play for a team but they went under as they didn’t have enough players so I’m looking for a new one now. 

Dream installation: Everywhere and anywhere: banks, offices, shopping centres . . .  

Musical motivation: I’m not really into music, I just get on with my work. 

Best thing about Wigan: I’ve always lived in Wigan, it’s a good place to live. They’ve got a soccer dome where you can take your kids. 

Biggest achievements: I’m proud of myself operating the tufting machines; I’ve learned all about them and I’ve picked all of that up. 

Martin working on machines

Opportunities: I worked my way up to running the machine. It was satisfying working my way up. I used to be a labourer and builder on site, this is the first time I’ve worked in a factory.  

Teamwork: I work with some good lads, we all get on. If there’s ever any problems we help each other out.

On delivering a premium quality product: I like being able to help people with problems, customers and workmates.  

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