Stay Connected – Q&A with Stepp

In today’s blog, we feature Stepp in Iceland, and Elias spoke with us about the company, their
favourite collections, and working with Milliken.


How long have you worked with Milliken?

Our company has done business with Milliken for about 25 years.

Can you tell us about your company?

Parket & Golf was founded 1988 and specialised in selling all kinds of parquet.
Stepp was founded in the year 2000 and specialised in selling carpets.
In the year 2009, Stepp bought Parket & Golf, and with that merger the company
became stronger in the Icelandic market.

What is your favourite Milliken collection?

We like the Icelandic tiles “Nordic Stories” The brochures have Icelandic pictures, so our clients connect to that very well.

The past year has made us change a lot of how we work, did you find any particular challenges and new ways to adapt?

No everything is still working smooth. The sample department at Milliken gets our biggest compliments, they are awesome!


Is there a recent project you would like to tell us about?

We’ve done many projects lately, mostly offices. Our last project was for the associations
of municipalities where the architect used both Nordic Stories, Isograd, Helsinki and
Isograd, Spiritland. One of the reasons they picked Milliken was that their office is an open
space, so sound attenuation was very important.